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Welcome to our exciting global platform for evolutionary leaders and the up-and-coming change agents in the wisdom community!

Radio has been the standard for decades. But now more than ever, we’re feeling the call to step into the limelight: to be seen and to engage in real-time conversations about what matters most in our lives.

Our selected hosts and guests include intuitives, energy healers, scientists, psychic mediums, physicians, enlightened business executives, astrologers, authors, life coaches, counselors - people whom we believe have the highest integrity and the greatest potential to rapidly shift our world.

You are invited to Call In to our live shows - to be seen and heard - and to ask questions, share your wisdom and find common ground so that, together, we can raise the consciousness of our planet.

Watch our live TV shows here on our Home Page - check Upcoming TV Show Schedule for the next live shows and all the new shows being added to our Network. Click TV Shows On Demand to watch the archived shows any time. And, if you are on the go, listen to the Podcasts of our shows on Spreaker or iTunes at Share Wisdom TV.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, this Network is for you! We are so excited to have you join our Share Wisdom Community. Sign up for our newsletter, like us, follow us, share us and invite everyone to join the conversation!

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