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Our Mission: To Raise the Consciousness of this Precious Planet through a world stage like no other: an online Network of premium live interactive TV shows that invite and inspire people from around the world to share their wisdom.

Our History

The Making of ShareWisdom.tv

In 2005, on a popular radio station in Seattle, Sher Safran created and hosted a radio showSherKKNWStudio200x exclusively devoted to wisdom, called SAGE ~ Spirit, Angels and Guides Entertainment. Sher was warned that her show was too much “on the fringe” and would not have mass appeal but she trusted her intuition. Within weeks of its debut, the show became an audience favorite. Featuring Psychics, Mediums, Medical Intuitives as co-hosts and exploring all of life’s important themes of mindfulness, lifestyle, meditation, health, healing and relationships, the show routinely received more call-ins than they could take in the hour. SAGE helped to open the floodgates and now the Seattle station airs over 23 exclusively wisdom-focused shows each week.

Knowing SAGE needed a visual, interactive platform, Sher left radio to learn the world of TV broadcasting. She took crash courses in TV camera, lighting, sound and editing and built her own video production company, Satori Seven Productions LLC.

RobCameraCongo250In 2008, Sher met the love of her life, Rob Safran and together they expanded the company while pursuing Sher’s dream for SAGE.

It turns out, that dream was way too small!

Rather than produce just one show, they realized with their combined experience, talent and passion, they could produce an entire network of live Wisdom TV shows seen all around the world. Suddenly, the pieces fell into place!

MaryLeeSherStudio_260Now, with great gratitude for the enthusiastic encouragement, support and shared wisdom of family, friends, colleagues and our Hosts, ShareWisdom.tv is much more than a-dream-come-true!


Sher Safran

Co-Founder of Share Wisdom Network

SherSafran_Headshot_800PxSquareMy parents started me down the road less traveled when I was a young one and I’ve happily stayed on that path ever since.

When I was not quite 8 years old, my family moved from our Bremerton, Washington home to India where my parents worked at Miraj Medical Center, near SherGwendaJeriSarisPune and my two older sisters and I attended Kodaikanal International School in southern India, a two and a half day journey by train. Occasional bouts of homesickness notwithstanding, I loved my school friends and the diversity of my life with all the different cultures, traditions, languages, and religions. I was fortunate to remain at Kodaikanal School all the way through high school graduation.

My second “road less travelled” was into ordained Ministry when women ministers were a rarity. When I took to the pulpit of a Presbyterian Church in San Rafael, CA, I was the first ordained female minister some in the congregation had ever met. SherministryMy easy humor, down-to-earth sermons and heart-felt love for the people in the church won over (most of) the skeptics. I treasured the opportunity to support others through their life’s transitions, relationships and healing.

The last four of my 15 years in the ministry were living and working in Nairobi, Kenya along with my husband at the time and our two pre-teen children, JenniferSherBabyJordan200x and Michael. While volunteering in a Nairobi orphanage, I unexpectedly met my third child. Adorable 3-month old Jordan captured all of our hearts and in short order joined our family.

In 2000 my work in Kenya was completed and, with my three children, I moved to Maryland as a newly divorced single mom without a home, without a job and without a clue.BabyJordanJenMike200x All I knew was that I was to walk another uncharted path. I stepped out of the ministry and into a more inclusive spirituality and then, through a serendipitous encounter, was invited to be the Director of International Adoptions for a non-profit adoption agency. What a gift to be able to help more orphaned children find their forever families!

After three years, we returned to my West Coast roots, moving to Seattle where the seeds of this Network were planted.

I am beyond grateful to be partnered with Rob in providing this powerful, exciting and interactive portal for sages and seekers alike, to share wisdom from around the world that will raise the consciousness of our precious planet!

Rob Safran

Co-Founder and Technical Genius of Share Wisdom Network

Rob Safran Share Wisdom Network Founder HostI grew up Jewish in Salt Lake City and, like Sher, I experienced an interesting diversity of cultures, traditions, and religions, right here in the USA.RobGoCart We lived in a rough neighborhood with our share of violence and drugs; it was the ’60s, after all. But I recall some fun times with my family, friends, wrestling with my brothers, birthday parties, and go-carts.

One of the first defining moments in my life was my parents’ divorce when I was 9 years old. Divorce was so taboo in those days that we moved to another part of town for a few years, and then my brothers and I moved back to our original house with our mom. My second defining moment was my RobMomDadBrosfather dying of a heart attack when I was 19 years old.

I spent many years struggling with what it meant to be a man in this evolving world. I left organized religion and began a personal and spiritual journey of discovery. I was fortunate to have guidance from both men and women on this journey and have found my core balance as what Sher calls “an integrated man.” I happily claim the title.

I probably learned the most from my own two children, Michael and Kendall. And now I’m learning again from my five amazing grandkids. RobBabyKendallMikeI have my dad’s intuitive sense of the mechanical and spiritual world, and before going to college to specialize in IT Software Engineering and Support, I worked in jobs as an auto mechanic, carpenter, electrician, Planetarium Guru, Inventor, Sonar Engineer, Rock Mechanics Tech, Support Engineer for Digital Equipment Corporation, UNIX Admin and Oracle DBA. All of these jobs and my lifelong love of photography has benefited my work in video production.

TrudyChildMy mother, a Holocaust survivor, instilled in me a deep commitment to facilitating the global emergence in awareness and understanding of our oneness, and I am fortunate to live out this commitment through video.

Sher and I have been working together in video production since 2008 when we found each other on Match.com and immediately knew we were soul mates and life partners. Our friends have always commented that it seems we’ve been married for most of our adult lives. We feel like we’ve known each other for many life times!

BobSherUnityCandleCropped150xBuilding this business with Sher has been an inspiring experience for me and I’m so blessed to be on this journey together with her. She really lives her 7 core qualities reflected in the name of Satori Seven Productions: Gratitude, Integrity, Patience, Joy, Generosity, Wisdom, & Compassion and ShareWisdom.tv is a wonderful extension of our common desire to help make this world a better place!

Shahnam Khosraviani

Director and Lead Engineer of Share Wisdom Network

I was born and raised in Southern California. I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelors degree in Audio Engineering from Expression College for Digital Arts in San Francisco, Ca.  I have a passion for sound design, cinematography, photography and editing in post. Aside from technical things, I have a huge passion for the outdoors anything from fishing to camping and mountain biking to snowboarding. I am a husband, father and proud team member of the Share Wisdom Network/Family.

Alee Veal

Producer and Social Media Manager of Share Wisdom Network


I am a Florida-native – moved to the PNW in 2015 to be closer to family and experience more TV, film and emerging media industries within the West Coast. Networking and making long lasting relationships is very important to me –  I enjoy the playful term ‘social butterfly’. Continuing research for different documentary film projects is a hobby of mine that I find exciting with the changes in developments and numbers. Some of my previous experience includes: media outreach for independent projects/films; coordinating interviews with celebrities, vendors and organizations; and producing short films. Share Wisdom TV Network brings me new adventures and blows my mind everyday – I’m very proud to be apart of the Share Wisdom Network/Family.