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Share Wisdom Network offers a world stage like no other!

Hosts are specially selected and invited by the Network. However, we realize there are amazing people of wisdom and integrity in the world whom we have not seen. If you are one of those people, please complete the form below to tell us about yourself and why you would like to host a show on our Network and become a part of our vision to raise the consciousness of our precious planet.

Our live TV shows and pre-produced shows stream on our Network Home Page. The live shows offer audience participation through our unique “Join the Show Live” button next to the player, allowing real time conversations with hosts, guests and audience members. Our shows address all areas of life: relationships, health, finance, parenting, afterlife, intuition, energy healing, science, astrology, tarot, feng shui, the environment, emotional intelligence, careers, angels, and so much more – all with the intention to share wisdom. 

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Do you have a worldwide message?
We have a worldwide audience.
We can bring you together.

In this visual, interactive age, it’s so important to be seen as well as heard and to see and listen to others. We offer you and our audience the ideal gathering place to do just that!

Network hosts have the advantage of our social media management. We create and manage your Host page on our website with links to your own website and products and we promote you and your show on our Network’s social media sites and through our Newsletters. We fully produce each episode of your live TV show, receiving and vetting your worldwide callers and cuing them up to join your show when you are ready. It’s a turn-key opportunity for you to do what you do best: Share your Wisdom!

Living in the greater Seattle area? You are welcome to use our fully equipped Kirkland, WA (USA) Studio. Living out of the area or even out of the country? Air your live show remotely from wherever you are in the world by using your desktop or laptop computer, iPad or tablet with HD webcam, quality audio and lighting. We can even help you take your show on the road. 

Every live TV show is automatically recorded and made available On Demand on multiple platforms including our website, YouTube and Vimeo. We also podcast your shows on multiple platforms including iTunes and iHeartRadio, for those on the go. As a Share Wisdom Network Host, you are free to link these videos and podcasts to your own website or social media sites.

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We believe that raising one, raises all.
We are dedicated to the personal success of each of our Hosts, to the success of our worldwide wisdom network, and to the successful evolution of our planet.

If you have not been invited to be a Host but would like us to consider you, please complete the application below. If selected, we will contact you to discuss your application. Thank you very much for your interest and for your support of our vision! 

Application for Show Hosts

  • A video demonstrating your on-camera presence is required. Please provide a link to at least one of your videos.
  • The proposed title for your show
  • Briefly share your background, training, experience, profession and/or expertise in the areas of Wisdom that you would like to explore with our audience.
  • What is the theme for your show; what is the primary focus of your show? What is your show's format? For instance, will you host alone or with a co-host? (Include his/her name & website) Will you have invited guests on your show? Will you invite interaction from video-callers? What else would you like us to know about you and your hosting style.