Online Client Branded Production and Streaming Solutions

Are you in Health Care, Education, Fundraising, Communications or another business making a difference in the world?

Streaming live interactive TV productions will uniquely connect you with your stakeholders and expand your community outreach!

Our Client-Branded Production Solutions seamlessly and professionally produce and stream your recorded or live interactive events, courses, workshops or even your entire online TV channel for local and global audiences.


Our Solutions Include:


  • SWN creates virtual sets to accommodate one, two, three or four people in the production with green screen capability
  • SWN produces each show or event with titles, lower thirds and popup text
  • SWN sets up client produced intro and outro (splash or video) for each show/event
  • SWN sets up stingers, bumpers, licensed music, images and b-roll, etc. provided by client for each show/event
  • SWN sets up client-provided sponsor identification, advertisement or other promotional assets for each show/event


  • Professional TV quality broadcast, streaming and call-in systems
  • Management of all behind the scenes production services
  • SWN receives, vets and manages live audience video-call-in and audio-call-in participants
  • SWN Producer:
    • Communicates with Host throughout the show/event with notification for beginning, ending, break times and readiness of participants
    • Manages intro and lower third titles for Host, guests and participants
    • Manages pop up URL for Host, guest website’s and social media handles
    • Manages visual display of books, products and other promotional images
    • Manages sponsor ads during show/event
    • Manages outro with SWN end credits co-branding


  • SWN delivers a High Quality HD 1080p H.264 recorded video file of every show/event via the client’s preferred upload platform (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP, etc.)

Licensed Products

  • SWN provides a subscription license to use SWN’s custom Java Script and CSS code for live “Video Call-In” and “Audio Call-In” buttons for client to integrate into their website
  • SWN also offers a subscription license for the backend of SWN’s custom Genesis WorkPress TV channel website to easily develop your own Client Branded site

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