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02.27.17, Noon PST: Keeping It Real with guests Marty Marsh and Mark Dodich

February 27 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST

An Episode of Keeping It Real
Hosted by Krysta Gibson

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Join Krysta Gibson on her show Keeping It Real with her guests Marty Marsh and Mark Dodich.


Marty Marsh,  is a Soul Proprietor who helps other Soul Proprietors with the practical aspects of business and marketing as well as using spiritual principles to help his clients. Today we’ll talk about the Law of Attraction and how it can help you grow your business.


Marty Marsh’s expertise in the world of small business development and marketing is balanced by his ability to connect deeply with people on an intuitive level. As a small business owner since 1995, he knows first-hand the joys and triumphs — as well as the trials and tribulations — of running a successful business and uses his experience to help his clients create a business of their own that brings them both joy and profits. 

In addition to the very practical application of business and marketing strategies to grow a business, Marty also uses spiritual principles, including the law of attraction, to help small business owners reach the level of success they desire. He calls himself, and the people he works with, Soul Proprietors. For Marty, running his own business is all about the freedom he has to create a great livelihood doing something he loves. Most of all, he enjoys having a business that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choosing and considers himself to be a teacher at heart. You can learn more about Marty, the many programs he offers, and how he can help you start a business or grow a business at martymarsh.com.   


Mark Dodich is back and will give us the Astrological Weather Report for the month of March. Find out what sort of weather we’ll have and how it might be used to your advantage!

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive counselor since 1980, with an international practice based in Portland, Oregon. He has published hundreds of articles and is regularly seen in the media. In addition to natal astrology, his specialties are Locational Astrology (AstroCartoGraphy® Maps) and Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose consultations. Mark also leads metaphysical trips to sacred sites such as Egypt and Greece. Register for his free email New & Full Moon forecast, see  his full bio, and receive the quarterly Astromark forecast newsletter at www.astromark.us 


January 30
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