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Krysta Gibson
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Host of Keeping It Real.

On Monday, January 30, 2017, Krysta Gibson debuts her new show, Keeping It Real with featured guests, monthly astrological forecasts and down to earth discussions exploring practical and meaningful ways to live our spirituality. Watch live and call in to join the conversation on Keeping It Real!

Krysta is the publisher and co-editor of New Spirit Journal. She has been on her spiritual path her entire life and brings an eclectic blend of experiences and ideas to her consulting work.

Krysta was raised in a traditional and conservative Catholic home in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother was a school teacher and her father was a carpenter. Krysta attended parochial schools and wanted to become a nurse or a nun when she grew up. (Most women didn’t think of becoming doctors then, they became nurses.)

At the tender age of 15, Krysta joined a small Irish order of nuns. She loved the atmosphere of the convent but after five years, she knew she had another calling and returned to the world, one day before her 21st birthday. In 1983, a friend introduced Krysta to the teachings of Ernest Holmes and she felt she had come home philosophically.

Krysta has worked as a drug counselor (she has a degree in psychology), employment consultant, NC machine operator, insurance agent, Mary Kay consultant, general manager of a retirement/assisted living/dementia community, executive director of a non-profit senior center, and newspaper editor.

Krysta eventually moved to Seattle, Washington and started The New Times newspaper, with no money, no rich relatives, and only one or two local contacts. The New Times grew to have more than 40,000 readers and became well-known nationally as well as in the Pacific Northwest.

During the 11 years she published The New Times, Krysta met and interviewed some of the great spiritual minds of our times, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Shakti Gawain, Julie Cameron, John and Jan Price, and a multitude of others. She studied many different traditions and was exposed to a very wide variety of ideas.

She eventually sold The New Times and made her way into the world of eldercare where she managed a retirement and dementia care community and eventually became executive director of a non-profit senior center.

In May of 2005, at the urging of many friends and former New Times readers, Krysta started a similar newspaper, New Spirit Journal. Since then she has written several books, two of which have been published in Spain, as well as several audio programs.

Watch Krysta's guest appearance on A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran Here

To learn more visit: anoasisforyoursoul.com

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Marianne Marlow
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Host of Conscious Conversations.

Marianne Marlow, LMHC, relationship expert and psychotherapist, is the host of Conscious Conversations featuring meditation and interviews with guest experts in their field.

Marianne is a presenter, trainer, psychotherapist, and relationship specialist. At the foundation of her work is the belief that relationships reveal where we are being asked to grow, develop, and evolve.

"When we develop relational skills and rewire old neurological patterns our relationships are more dynamic, conflict becomes easier, and energy is freed up to go out and impact the world!"

Marianne facilitates workshops and retreats nationally. She has trained coaches, therapists, physicians, attorneys, as well as thought leaders and organizational developers on applying these tools personally and in their organizations. She facilitates group experiences that create authenticity, vitality, and deeper connection. Marianne’s passion is facilitating retreats for those ready to take the ‘deep dive’ into healing shame and creating more personal authenticity and authority in their lives and relationships.

Marianne is a dynamic presenter in industry and public forums, including Microsoft, Sony, and The Women’s Expo. She is co-secretary of the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association, in Seattle, WA. Additionally, she assists other therapists and coaches by teaching and supervising hypnotherapists and mental health counselors for the State of Washington. Recently, Marianne has become a certified facilitator for Brene Brown’s The Daring Way program.

For more information about Marianne, visit: www.mariannemarlow.com

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Mary Lee McRoberts
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Host of Clear Direction.

Mary Lee McRoberts, psychic medium, hosts Clear Direction taking your calls to offer her intuitive guidance and teaching us how to tap into our own inner wisdom.

Mary Lee says: I assist people in transforming their lives. I treat individuals in my Seattle office, and work with businesses and organizations on site, across the United States and Canada. I teach classes and workshops, mentor individuals and also do consults via telephone.

During thirty years of owning a diverse group of companies, I realized what drove my success was my ‘sixth sense’ – an intuitive ability to see, sense and feel the energy of other people and places. This compelled me to search for greater understanding of those abilities and how this knowledge could help others. During this quest, I opened up completely to the world of energy and a deeper level of transformational abilities came pouring into me.

I am an Intuitive, a Medium and an Energy Healer. I can see, sense, hear and feel energy; this allows me to read the energy fields of those who are living and communicate with people who have crossed. I can also be a channel for energy beings from the other side who come to assist us in our lives. Additionally, my skills extend to clearing unbalanced (negative) energies out of homes and businesses, to help create the harmony and balance to best serve you and those who surround you.

I’m extremely passionate about my work. I am here to help every person or business who crosses my path in this life, to achieve purpose and positive contribution on this earth. As you recognize your authentic power and the love that is here for all of us, you too can step into the true meaning of your life!

For more information about Mary Lee, visit: www.maryleemcroberts.com

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Sher Safran
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Host of A Deeper Journey.

Sher Safran hosts A Deeper Journey exploring Energy, Creativity and Possibility through the lives and work of evolutionary leaders and the up and coming change agents in the wisdom community.

Sher grew up in India as the child of medical missionaries, studied criminology in hopes of developing alternatives to prison, was an ordained Presbyterian minister, worked for four years in Kenya, was Director of international adoptions, owns a video production company dedicated to improving lives and is co-founder of Share Wisdom Network.

Sher's own life has been transformed over the years through the gifts, insights and guidance of ordinary people with extraordinary wisdom. For a decade Sher has held the vision of producing a mainstream show featuring People of Wisdom to help each of us discover our own gifts, insights and guidance and to encourage us to share our own wisdom. A Deeper Journey is the joyful manifestation of that dream!

For more information about Sher, visit: SWN About Page

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