The Wisdom to Thrive at Work

Hosted by Kim Adams

Join Kim Adams in her Four-Part Series on The Wisdom to Thrive at Work airing Tuesdays Noon PDT October 3, 10, 17 and 24, 2017. Kim examines the history of the machine model workday, the impact on whole people, health, and our social structures.  And she examines the impact of living ecosystem work practices and their potential to be the shift that tips the balance to health and wellbeing for our society. New models of work, called “living ecosystems” are showing the way to restore our people to a state of whole person wellbeing that is very hard to achieve until the workplace is taken into account as the driver it is.


Previous Episodes of The Wisdom to Thrive at Work:

The Wisdom to Thrive at Work – Episode 4

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10.17.17, Noon PDT: The Wisdom to Thrive at Work – Episode 3

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10.10.17, Noon PDT: The Wisdom to Thrive at Work – Episode 2

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10.03.17, Noon PDT: The Wisdom to Thrive at Work – Episode 1

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